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Capitol punishment or the death penalty should be outlawed in the United States and should replaced with a life with a parole. Life with out prison is the best alternative to the death penalty. The cost that it takes to maintain the death penalty is entirely too much money. For example the in the state of California death penalty is costing them over 135 million dollars per year. If the states that have the death penalty switch to LWOP life with out parole it will save them at least 11 million dollars per year. The argument for the death penalty is that keeping this harsh penalty will deter people from committing crimes. So the theory is that the death penalty will in a sense stop crime because of the fear of being put on death row. However many researches and charts show that the states with no death penalty have a significantly lower rate of crime than the death penalty states. The death penalty also has a risk of killing an innocent person. At least 10 people on death row have been let go, and there could be a countless number of people that have been falsely executed. In my opinion with the deterrence theory being proven wrong the death penalty has no use. The main reason for me why I’m against the death penalty is the cost there is too much money that is going towards this punishment that has no use. Contact the senators to your state to change this policy. click here

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