Blog 9

I disagree with Alissa on lowering the drinking age. In her blog she talks about how the drinking age at 21 only makes the people who are under 21 want to drink more. So alcohol is like a forbidden fruit. also at a college campus the kids who are under 21 will be drinking and the cops will have a hard time distinguishing who is and who isn't 21. however at high school a majority of them will be 18. that sounds good and no one will get in trouble but most likely those 18 year olds will sell the alcohol to younger kids.The risk of having the drinking age at 18 is have the people who they associate with drink also. college the risk factor is very low but in high school when kids are turning 18 they are more likely to sell to younger kids and the risk of those younger kids to get injured or die is very high. so if the drinking age is at 21 the risk of those people giving alcohol to younger kids that are 18 on a college campus is less dangerous than a 18 giving alcohol to a 16 year old. click here

Blog 6

The article I picked out is an article about abortion. The first article was pro life, therefore it was against abortion. The main idea of the article was that abortion is murder and that every person has a right to life even if they aren’t born yet. The slogan pro life is a referring to that they are for the life of the baby and that abortion is like killing another person that is living. The second article was pro choice meaning they are for abortion. pro choice means that the person has the right on whether they want to have an abortion or not because it’s her body. The argument was more convincing to me. The second article showed evidence that people should have the right to control their own bodies. However my opinion on the topic has not changed. I still feel that the act abortion is murder. Click here

I think my speech could’ve been a lot better than it was. I think my main problem is that I didn’t articulate my words. I should have came dressed a little bit more formal. i think I was talking a little fast so i think If I slowed down I would have made a more clearer speech. I think that my eyes were wondering and that I didn’t have a set focus point with my eyes. I could have improved on not looking down at my notes as much as I did I think that would have improved my score. My visual aid was okay I think that if I had better charts my audience could have followed along better. The speech structure its self I think was pretty good I had a pretty introduction I gave an introduction and told what topic I was going to speak about. In the middle I had a counter argument that addressed the other side to my argument. The conclusion summarized the speech and the argument and had a call to action.

Blog 8

Capitol punishment or the death penalty should be outlawed in the United States and should replaced with a life with a parole. Life with out prison is the best alternative to the death penalty. The cost that it takes to maintain the death penalty is entirely too much money. For example the in the state of California death penalty is costing them over 135 million dollars per year. If the states that have the death penalty switch to LWOP life with out parole it will save them at least 11 million dollars per year. The argument for the death penalty is that keeping this harsh penalty will deter people from committing crimes. So the theory is that the death penalty will in a sense stop crime because of the fear of being put on death row. However many researches and charts show that the states with no death penalty have a significantly lower rate of crime than the death penalty states. The death penalty also has a risk of killing an innocent person. At least 10 people on death row have been let go, and there could be a countless number of people that have been falsely executed. In my opinion with the deterrence theory being proven wrong the death penalty has no use. The main reason for me why I’m against the death penalty is the cost there is too much money that is going towards this punishment that has no use. Contact the senators to your state to change this policy. click here

Blog 7

The product and celebrity I’m going to go over is the Michael and Hanes. Michael is a perfect fit for this job. Although Michael is not the most qualified person to endorse underwear he does a pretty god job. Hanes is companies that sells clothing but are famous for their boxer briefs. The endorsement that Jordan does is the one for the boxer briefs. I think that this good choice because Michael Jordan is a name that anyone knows. Even if most people have not watched basket ball they still know who Michael Jordan is. Even though he doesn’t have the expertise in clothing as a fashion designer Michael knows how to talk in front a camera.