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I disagree with Alissa on lowering the drinking age. In her blog she talks about how the drinking age at 21 only makes the people who are under 21 want to drink more. So alcohol is like a forbidden fruit. also at a college campus the kids who are under 21 will be drinking and the cops will have a hard time distinguishing who is and who isn't 21. however at high school a majority of them will be 18. that sounds good and no one will get in trouble but most likely those 18 year olds will sell the alcohol to younger kids.The risk of having the drinking age at 18 is have the people who they associate with drink also. college the risk factor is very low but in high school when kids are turning 18 they are more likely to sell to younger kids and the risk of those younger kids to get injured or die is very high. so if the drinking age is at 21 the risk of those people giving alcohol to younger kids that are 18 on a college campus is less dangerous than a 18 giving alcohol to a 16 year old. click here

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