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The product I picked that has questionable health claims is the breakfast cereal cheerios. I use this product almost every day or when I can. I think that cheerios is a healthy cereal choice and also is delicious. On the cover of a box of cheerios there are claims that the cereal can lower cholesterol and help with preventing critical heart disease. These claims have the FDA upset about how General mills worded the benefits of cheerios on the box; they even went as far as sending general mills a warning letter. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) the claims made on the boxes of cheerios violates the federal law. The FDA does allow food companies, like general mills, to advertise health benefits that their products has. However, the FDA says that only FDA approved drugs are allowed to make such claims about their product. Therefore the health claims that are on the cheerios cereal box are technically considered unauthorized statements. The cheerios box claims that it can lower cholesterol points as much as 4% in 6 weeks. Cheerios is proven to lower cholesterol, however it fails to mention the only way it will lower your cholesterol is if you already have a good diet. The experts say that the “science is not the question” and that the only thing in question is the wording on the box. I would still recommend this product because even though box fails to mention some important aspects of loosing cholesterol I still think it is a healthy choice cereal.


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