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Its traditional that every summer markets come sprouting up but in this article it states that the winter markets are becoming more and more popular. To me it sounded kind of strange to have a market in the winter months. I was not aware that farmers markets were becoming so popular in the winter. I always thought the food in the summer were the only ones sold in markets. “Vermont, a state known for its long winters, has seen a recent influx of winter farmers’ markets. Currently, 18 markets throughout the state are open in the winter months”. The same costumers from the summer show up in the winter, “I love the summer market,” she says, “so I thought I’d just show up”. The winter markets are not only getting those customers but new ones also The market is a great new way to get people to eat fresh food all year round. The article says that the winter markets are somewhat similar to the summer ones. I think that having these winter markets is a great idea.


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