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A fake food that I eat is egg substitute. I used to eat real eggs all the time until one day my mom brought egg substitutes home then I’ve been using them ever since. To me the egg substitute taste the same as real eggs do. It looks a little bit paler than regular eggs because it is made with mostly egg whites. The smell of the egg substitute is very similar to the real egg smell. The egg substitute has a little less cholesterol and less fat but contains the same amount of nutrients and is somewhat nutritionally similar to real eggs. The reason I made the switch from real eggs to egg substitutes was because my mom was concerned about our diet so she made the switch form eggs to egg substitute to cut down on our cholesterol intake. Also buying a carton of egg substitute is cheaper than buying a dozen of eggs and it takes the hassle out of cooking because you don’t have to break the egg shells. After using egg substitutes I can’t see myself using the real kind of eggs anymore.


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