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In section 1 pollan talks about how the food in our grocery stores has changed over the years. He talks about the change of focus from foods to what nutrients are in the food. Some foods have been modified to have more nutrients so it can be more healthier. An example of this is the switch form butter to margarine. Nutritonism says that food is a sum of their nutrient parts, but some foods have elements that scientist cant figure out what they do for us. In 1938 an act was passed that required foods to put the word imitation on foods that weren’t the real thing but in 1973 that act was repealed allowing foods that were imitations to be sold with no warning as long as it had the same nutrients.
Pollan makes a great point that in our society today people are too concerned about the nutrients in food than the actual food they eat. Many people will be these fake foods only because of the fact that it has more of the nutrients that the original is supposed to have. Food has become just the nutrients it is recognized for. The food and drug administration has redefined the meaning of food to be more “scientific” as pollans says. The food industry is changing how we view food the fake foods or the “better” and “healthier” foods seem to be the basis of witch we buy are foods. The fake foods claim to have more of the nutrients that the original has. However this is food that hasn’t been made like the original, but unnaturally enhanced to have the more nutrients. Food can be made with anything scientist can create to make it low fat or low carb and to match the nutrition level of the original

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